Collapsible Storage Basket / Organiser

A harmonious blend of sustainability and chic design, meticulously crafted with recycled PET felt. This versatile organizer isn’t just for decluttering; it’s a statement of your eco-conscious choice and a symbol of your impeccable style.


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Sustainably Crafted from Recycled PET Felt:
Our Collapsible Storage Basket/Organizer is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Thoughtfully designed and crafted from recycled PET felt, it breathes new life into discarded plastic bottles, reducing waste and advocating for a greener, more responsible future.

Efficiency Meets Chic Design:
The organizer showcases an efficient yet stylish design, perfect for professionals, students, and anyone seeking to declutter and organize in style. Its minimalist aesthetic and neutral color make it an elegant addition to your living space, whether you’re in your home office, bedroom, or living room.

Organization Meets Versatility:
Our organizer is designed to make life more organized and your space more versatile. It effortlessly stores your essentials, from office supplies to toys, books, and more. When not in use, it conveniently collapses for easy storage.

Sustainability Meets Sophistication:
Designed with sustainability and style at its core, the Collapsible Storage Basket/Organizer is a reflection of your commitment to eco-conscious living. It blends fashion with a deep responsibility to reduce waste, leaving a lasting impression and supporting a more sustainable future. Material – This product is made out of Rpet Felt which is made by recycling plastic ( PET) bottles . Nearly 8 – 10 plastic bottles are secured from going into the landfill on the purchase of this product . Manufactured – This producst is Made In India by local craftsmen and provides employment to both men and women .

Weight 110-200 kg

Rpet Felt


Small: 9 (L) X 5(H) X 5.0 (B) , Medium: 12(L) X 6(H) X 6(B), Large 15(L) X 7(H) X 7(B) (In Inches)




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