Junior Hot Meal Personalised Tiffin Bag/Sling

Peppa Paradise Printed Junior Hot Meal Tiffin Bag/Sling: A charming, compact mealtime companion for kids. With Peppa Pig designs, it’s perfect for carrying snacks or lunch in style.



the Junior Hot Meal Tiffin Bag/Sling, a convenient and eco-conscious accessory designed to carry your hot meals while you’re on the move. Crafted from recycled PET felt, this tiffin bag/sling offers a sustainable solution for transporting your food. Its insulated interior keeps your meals warm, making it an ideal companion for travel, picnics, or daily commutes.

Weight 200 kg

Recycled Polycanvas


9.25(H) X 7.5(L)3.75(B) (In Inches)


Available in 8 prints ( Current Image in Peppa Paradise Print)


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