Junior Rainbow Colourful Personalised Name Bunting

Transform any space into a colorful wonderland with our Rainbow Color Bunting adorned with stars. Perfect for kids’ room decor and an ideal choice for budget-friendly return favors. Vibrant, playful, and competitively priced, this bunting brings a touch of magic to any celebration, making it a delightful token for young guests to take home.



Vibrant Elegance: Our Rainbow Color Bunting, adorned with charming stars, adds a burst of vibrant color to any kids’ room decor, creating a lively and enchanting atmosphere.

Affordable Whimsy: Designed with your budget in mind, this bunting offers an affordable yet whimsical option for kids’ return favors. It combines quality with affordability for a delightful addition to any celebration.

Versatile Decor Piece: Perfect for kids’ rooms, play areas, or themed events, this rainbow-colored bunting is a versatile decor piece that brings joy and festivity to various spaces.

Adorable Stars: The addition of adorable stars enhances the charm, making this bunting not just colorful but also playfully adorned with elements that spark imagination.

Budget-Friendly Joy: Celebrate without breaking the bank – our competitively priced rainbow color bunting is a delightful and budget-friendly choice, spreading joy and cheer to all who receive it.




Vibrant , Pastel and Playful Felt Colour Combination


Custom size as per Childs name – Alphabet size is 4.5"


Premium Quality Felt with Other Craft Fabric/Material for Detailing


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