What is Felt ?

When PET flakes are used as the raw material for the production of felt that would otherwise be made of polyester the produced fabric is termed as eco-felt. This helps reduce the plastic waste that is left to decompose. We try to up cycle this waste and recreate them into fashion and lifestyle products which can be used for a longer duration.

Is it washable?

Yes, It is 100% washable. You can handwash or spongewash the products . Please do not machine wash.

What is the shelf life / usage life of the product/fabric ?

This fabric is a non-tearable and highly durable fabric. To our clients we always say , “You will get bored of using it but the product shall remain true to itself and everlasting .” So that is the kind of  life we promise.

Is this fabric decomposable ? If not how is it eco-friendly?

Felt is not decomposable but yet it is a sustainable fabric. To be classified as nature friendly a product should either not cretae waste or upcycle the current waste. Likewise , we fall into the second bracket and  are ecofriendly.

Like woollen sweaters , do pills/fuzzballs/bubbles/lintballs come out as fibres with use ?

Every fabric has its own texture. Similarly felt has a very rustic and classic look. The fibres do come out but that is a natural characteristic of the fabric which fails to destroy it’s  premium and luxurious look.

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