We all know the condition of the earth’s environment is depleting gradually. Addition of any substance or any form to the environment at a rate faster than it can be dispersed, diluted, decomposed, recycled or stored in some harmful way. Do you know, what kind of pollutants and pollution we all should be most concerned about? Noise pollution, light pollution and plastic pollution. Yes, you heard it right! Plastic pollution! The most used material in some way or other contributes the most to the depleting condition of our planet earth. 

As we said, plastic pollution is a thing. It does not break down easily, getting accumulated on the surfaces making it all a fatal aspect to human life. Plastic bottles are the most used. This plastic waste flows downstream into rivers and oceans and the sea life ingests it, choke upon it, or become trapped in the havoc of plastic waste. But we have to make a choice which is not just stylish but a green and safe one to not hinder your living experience at any moment. Tiniest needs of handbags and coasters to desk organizers and stationery organisers for all the eco shoppers out there, we offer them and the world a green and stylish alternative for changing the world and developing you. Introduce yourself to a nature-friendly product range of Oonkart. From buying laptop skin online to customised gifts online for your loved ones, use sustainably and be positively impactful towards the earth by recycling bottles and reducing waste in our lives to inspire the globe and embrace a new and sustainable lifestyle. Be it the essentials like tissue boxes to women wallets. We have it all. A promise made to the environment by selling high-quality, up-cycled products which are kind to the environment and minimise the negative impact on the planet. Plastic bottle(PET) recycled material is a key factor in our sustainable solution. By manufacturing all such products, we befriend nature and enhance customer awareness regarding the power they hold over their choice of purchases. 

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